20 minutes to a happier you

Want to manage your stress levels, improve fitness and achieve inner calm? Just make a little time in your day for these easy helpful tips:

Enjoy a relaxed start
set your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier than usual to allow your body the extra time to slowly adjust to waking up – then indulge in your morning cuppa without rushing to beat time.

Get on with the housework
According to a study in British Journal of Sports Medicine, just 20 minutes of brisk housework a week can make you happier. Exercise not only enhances the metabolism, it also releases endorphins which improves your mental state. No time for a jog? Just work up a sweat while vacuuming!

Drink a better brew
Try drinking hibiscus tea instead of coffee. A tufs University study suggest that having three cups of hibiscus tea daily can lower systolic blood pressure by an average of seven points in six weeks. So go on, take time out for that tea break.

Research shows that practising just 20 minutes of meditation a day for six to eight weeks can decrease your anxiety, anger, and depression levels. It’s also said to strengthen the immune system. (By the way, this is just we moslem do every day, pray 5 times a day equal 20 minutes (more less) meditate a day :))