Two days in malaysia

Arrived sunday morning at KLIA airport, my husband picked me up and we stayed at hotel sri puchong for two days, will back home at 26th february. I had to seen and consider few house for our residence in malaysia for the next one year? perhaps two? or three? we had no plan.. and had no high expectation, just wishing our family in a good condition, healthy wealthy (?, amien) and happy anywhere we stay on.

Actually, at 4th April we are planning to settle here, so we will have our complete family, and plan to settle our life from zero point again in different country. Lot of things to do: planning my daughter’s schooling, my master education, our houses furniture, and our next cars, for those i had no imagine. Two things made me pleased are my husband got great job and settle in a good company, hoping nothing matter in future, Amien..

Our family at home especially my two moms; my mom and my husbands mom, worried sometimes, they actually would love to have me and my family next to them :D, hey moms, don’t worrying a lot, we’ll take both of you here for one trip vacation and you’ll see we will be fine here. Your praying will be our strength.

I visited no other destination than puchong, and cyberjaya. Those two area has potential house to rent for us. The puchong near tesco, IOI mall, and giant hypermarket, will be easier for our daily needs. And cyberjaya near my husbands office but had no hypermarket or other family area, this area well designed and structured for Information Technology office and educational area. Such a great structural planned.

Finally, we had strong interest at one cozy apartment and one land house, it was for 700RM to 850Rm, suit for our budget hehe.. still looking for two more apartment today. Hoping will have one fine decision.